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Simplifying Business Objectives with GoodWorks Mobility Enterprise Solutions

GoodWorks Mobility’s Hospitality Suite lets you manage the entire scope of your business on one platform. Exclusively created for iPads, our Digital Menus and Mobility Platform for the Hospitality industry lets you handle everything, from F&B order taking and Reservations to Managing Staff. We help curate solutions specifically meant for the Hospitality Industry.

  • Digital Menus
  • Online ordering
  • Staff and Resource Management
  • Property Management Systems
  • Kitchen Automation


The Prognostic Approach to Enterprise Management

From Mobility Tools to IoT and Automation, GoodWorks Mobility is an enterprise platform for businesses looking to rapidly deploy mobility solutions. We empower businesses with the technology needed to effectively access data, control and share information, as well as reach out to audiences across locations. GoodWorks Mobility provides businesses with an Enterprise Mobility Platform that curates to all these demands and more.

  • Device Management Systems
  • Field Force Automation
  • IOT
  • BYOD
  • Content Management Systems


Mobility Solutions that Ignite Ideas

Technology is revolutionizing education. The contemporary educator needs to be armed with tools that will help systemize workflow and generate learning opportunities for all. GoodWorks Mobility lets you assess and develop learning content, connect educators and students seamlessly, and even simplify administrative processes – all on one platform.

  • Learning tools and Activities
  • Study Material and Assignments
  • Resource and Staff Management
  • Fees and Transactions
  • Administrative Processes Management


Scalable Functionality with GoodWorks Mobility

The E-Commerce Mobility Platform from GoodWorks Mobility helps you analyze data, predict outcomes, create content, and communicate with your customers. Having received the Best UX Studio Award year-on-year we create some of the most flawlessly developed mobility solutions. Our tailor-made Mobility Platform for the E-Commerce industry is known to be not only adaptive across devices but also effortless to use. Here is what GoodWorks E-Commerce Mobility lets you do:

  • Online Stores and Product Catalogues
  • Stock Management and Distribution
  • Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Analytics and Prediction
  • Shopping and Billing

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